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      會社名稱: 倉敷化工(大連)有限公司
      所 在 地 :  大連経済技術開発區杏樹底街30號
      設     立 :   2003年11月24日
      資 本 金 :  10億円(日本獨資)
      事業內容: 自動車および産業機器用防振ゴムの開発?製造自動車用ホースの製造(子會社)
      敷地面積: 40,000 m2
      建屋面積: 13,000m2 (第一工場)               3,000m2   (第二工場)

      Kurashiki Kako (Dalian) Co., Ltd. (Abbrev. KKCD) is a company of exclusive Japanese ownership founded with the financing of Kurashiki Kako Co., Ltd. The company was registered and established on Nov. 24,2003, width two billion Japanese Yen in total investment and ten billion Japanese Yen in registered capital. The company occupies 40,000m2 of land, with 16,000m2 in construction area.

      Relying on advanced productive technologies and cutting edge products, KKCD excels in providing to automobile manufacturer and assembly maker with parts of the best quality. KKCD primarily maufactures vibration control rubbers used in the automobile manufacturer and assembly maker. We supply parts to the automobile plants owned by Ford and Mazda in China, as well as the other customers needing the support of KKCD products.

    6. 0411-87337833
    7. 自動車  Email:[email protected] , [email protected]  TEL:0411-8733 7302
      産 機  Email:[email protected]  TEL:0411-8733 3172
      住 所:大連経済技術開発區杏樹底街30號
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